On Friday I gave a presentation to my local business group SMNBusiness on WordPress and Graphic Design guidelines.

The talk centered on the basics of WordPress, the differences between wordpress.com and wordpress.org. I moved over to using WordPress a couple of years ago due to the need to produce fully responsive websites so that they can fit into all devices such as Mobiles and tablets. It made made me rethink the way that I design websites.

The general trend seems to be towards simplification and a more intuitive layout, often with most of the website contained within one or two long pages that you can scroll up and down. Which is basically how this website is designed. Other appealing features are the ease of getting websites ranked high in search engines and ease of ability to expand websites with the wealth of plug ins available.

Also covered in the talk were basic website design guidelines and some information about preparing graphics and image for print or web. The talk seemed to go down well and I was able to answer most of the questions put to me. I already have an information page on my website but will use the presentation to add more useful details on WordPress and web design to it.