Website and email security is really important to keep your business safe online. Hackers and spammers are out there and can cause big problems if there is a security breach. Having a strong password is a very simple way to keep your business protected. Below are 10 simple steps to achieve this.

1. Make your password long

Use 3 random words and ideally a number and/or symbol, these are hard to hack, but can be memorable to you e.g. ChipRabbitBeach5! 

2. Use a strong and separate password for your email

If hackers get into your email they could reset other account passwords and access info about your self and business. 

3. Do not use passwords with personal details

Don’t use as family names , sequential numbers  or words associated with your business. 

4. Avoid using a  password more than once

Ideally change sensitive passwords every 6 months or so .

5. Don’t email  sensitive passwords & information these can be intercepted

Use text/Whats app and delete messages or use a online service such as

6. Save your passwords to your browser if only you have access to your device.

This is better than using weak passwords or repeating them.

7. Update you devices

Keep all your devices including phones and computers updated with the latest software. Out if date software , apps and operating systems are easier to hack.

8. Run regular virus scans on your computer

Such as Bitefender anti virus

 9. Back up your data.

Back up all devices to a hard drive and /or the cloud. If you have a cyber attack then you will be able to restore your data quickly.

10 Keep all your passwords in an encrypted file for safety